Why Lapband UK?

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Why Lapband UK? Empty Why Lapband UK?

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:45 pm

I recently started my search for information and found that it was either American based - a huge bank of resources - thank you so helpful! Or if based in the UK I may have to subsribe to be able to search for information and post questions.

So out of my love for forums I have given birth to Lapband UK a FREE resource for people in the UK and Europe to source all the information they are going to need to make an imformed decision about something so important in their lives - their health and their future well-being.

Like all community forums it's as good as the contributors so please pass this forum onto anyone who you feel can add to, support others and generally care and understand what inidividuals considering thei life-changing surgery are going to need.


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