Building a Yardmaster shed

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Building a Yardmaster shed Empty Building a Yardmaster shed

Post  mummiesbb on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:56 pm

We have spent the afternoon today building a yardmaster shed. Oh boy it's a job and a half.
So many bits and then there is the putting it together. Just very fiddly.
We wanted something secure and that would be suitable to store a multitude of different things in includeing the tumble dryer so that I can actually use it as I am fed up of having washing around the house when it's awful weather.

I am also planning to use the conservatory for classes during the weekdays and so I need it clear of all the bits and pieces in there.
Part two towmorrow now that the rook is nearly finished and the fun of putting the walls together and the roof on and then siting it.

Just hope it's worth it.

Have a great evening


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