Embarking on my re-entry to exercise

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Embarking on my re-entry to exercise Empty Embarking on my re-entry to exercise

Post  mummiesbb on Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:35 am

Hello All

I am about to embark on starting my exercise programme in about a weeks time. I have had terrible pain on the right hand side so have been weary of doing anything, although saying that I teach yoga and was back to that in the 2nd week post-operatively. We are away on hols and we will do a lot of walking so I know I will have a good start to my plans.

But then when I am back I will be using a cross trainer I have at home and a bike on a fixed base to cycle (although the thought of sitting scrunched up on the bike really isn't doing it for me). I was advised to use a bike where you sat upright and cycled in front of you. Can't for the life of me remember the name for it.

We were advised by the Consultant to walk I have found this fine.

I will eventually get into the pattern of going back to the gym when I am back at school and hopefully it will help when the weightloss plateaus.

It would be nice to know what others do or are planning to do in the next few weeks.

Have fun and enjoy.


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