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Gastritis (irritated stomach tissue) causing diffuse discomfort or pain; if severe this may result in actual ulcer formation

Erosion - The band may slowly migrate through the stomach wall to the inside. This may occur silently but usually causes symptoms similar to the above. Urgent medical/surgical treatment will be required if there is any internal leak of gastric contents, or bleeding.

Slippage - An unusual occurrence in which the lower part of the stomach may prolapse through the band causing an enlarged upper pouch. In severe instances this can cause an obstruction and require an urgent operation to fix.

Malposition of the band - This can cause a kink in the stomach, or (rarely) the band may not encircle the stomach at all, giving no restriction to the passage of food.

Problems with the port and/or the tube connecting port and band - The port can "flip over" so that the membrane can no longer be accessed with a needle from the outside (this often goes hand in hand with a tube kink, and may require repositioning as a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthesia); the port may get disconnected from the tube or the tube may be perforated in the course of a port access attempt (both would result in loss of fill fluid and restriction, and likewise require a minor operation).

Internal bleeding


The band lifetime combined incidence of all complications is of the order of 10%.

The psychological effects of any weight loss procedure also must not be ignored, as a proportion of patients fail to lose weight (often because they subconsciously develop strategies to defeat the band and maintain their status quo which they have become psychologically habituated to). Continued counselling, dietary advice and interaction with WLS support groups -locally and/or on the web - is widely seen as being of considerable help to patients, and can make the difference between success and failure. Many patients perceive themselves as having previously failed at every other weight loss strategy, and consequently their trigger threshold for giving up on WLS is often low, even after substantial financial commitment.


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