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Post  Admin on Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:06 am

Adding a ticker is easy just follow the following set of instructions and it will be on your profile in your signature.

So visit
Scroll down and find the weight loss tags
Click on weight loss
Select your clicker ruler in the circle next to it and scroll to bottom of page and go next
Now select your ticker slider in the circe next to it and scroll to bottoma nd go next

Now Configure your weight loss ticker
Choose a password / pin (write this down somewhere to remember it)
Choose private or public - if you want to put this on your profile choose public
Choose what you want to track e.g. weight change
Choose the measurement you have weighed in e.g. pounds
Enter the details as required in the first 5 boxes - watch the date format!

If you are tracking your waist then complete the next section

The final section you need to complete to get your BMI
Click next

On the next page you will see your ticker and the information you put into the boxes displayed.

Scroll down the page and find the code boxes
If you are going to paste your ticker into your signature then you will need the first box

It should look like this

Adding a ticker Weight

Paste this into your signature so go to your profile on the forum and select your signature and past the information in so that it will then be seen on each posting.

If you have kept the password / pin you used to create this on you can go back to it on a regular basis and update the information, create the ticker agian and repaste into your signature.

Easy! Any questions pm Admin



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